Birth flower Jewelry

€15.50 €12.50

Custom necklace with birth flower pendant.

Are you also born in a month?;) Why not celebrate it with a beautifull Custom necklace with birth flower pendant.

Enjoy your own birth month or that of a family member with it's corresponding flower with this extraordinary necklace and create a unique piece by exploring our multiple customization options.

Did you know every month of the year has it's own corresponding flower !!!

January - Snow drop

February - Violet

March - Daffodil

April - Daisy

May - Lilly of the Vally

June - Rose

Juli - Water lilly

August - Poppy

September - Morning glory

Oktober - Cosmos

November - Chrysenthemum

December - Narsissus



- Pendants - Stainless Steel plated

- Necklace - Stainless Steel