cloud press on nails


these beautiful press on nails are fully custimized and handpainted and availble in different sizes

In a pack of these handpainted nails you will get;

  • 16 handpainted nails in different sizes to fit your nails
  • full instuction form on how to put on the nails for best and longest wear
  • nailbuffing file to buff your nails
  • Dehydrating wipes to prep your nails
  • nailglue to apply the nails

why do you need this?

if you really want to get your nails professionally but you just dont have the time or buget this is the perfect solution for you! instead of getting cheap/fake press on nails that are and look very plastic. You can now get your own personalised handpainted press ons and make them look professional without spending to much money, this set also comes with everything you need to put them on.